Certified Family Law Specialists

Providing Security and Guidance in the Reorganization of Your Family


Pr-Marital Agreements
Complex Employment Benefits
Negotiation of International Divorces
Business Valuations
Retirement Benefits
Child and Spousal Support
Child Custody
Domestic Violence

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Certified Family Law Specialists

Creating the Opportunity for Family to Go On

Coleman and O’Connor LLP provides unparalleled family law representation to a select clientele in an experienced and competent environment.  As California Certified Family Law Specialists with areas of expertise in: Pre-Marital Agreements, Complex Employment Benefits, Complex Litigation, Negotiation of International Divorces, Business Valuations, Retirement Benefits, Child and Spousal Support, Child Custody, Paternity, enforcement of Judgments, Complex Litigation, and Domestic Violence.

Rosemary Coleman and Kathleen O’Connor partnered in 2014 to establish a grounded, stable, and proactive family law practice. Family law attorneys have enormous opportunities to help a client and their family move forward to a better life for themselves and their children. It is our goal to help our clients navigate the “business” of a divorce but; more importantly, create agreements which grow with your family and allow relief from the courtroom experience. While it is our goal to avoid your family going to litigation, we are highly skilled and respected in the courtroom.


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